About our Buffalo Leather Hides

From a true American icon – the buffalo – comes true American leather.

Genuine American Buffalo leather (Bison leather) differs from cowhide in thickness and flexibility which translates into exceptionally comfortable upholstered furniture. Buffalo leather “grain” is more pronounced, and the fibers are thicker and more widely-spaced which results in a softer, more durable leather. Bison are also more free spirited so there is typically more character to Bison.


Our leather is tanned “naked”, which means that it is quite natural and has a great feel to your hand. The tanning process we use purposefully does not include stain-resistance or waterproofing because these additives destroy the “hand” of natural leather, making it stiffer and leaving it feeling plasticized.


Hides vary with the individual animal, the time of year the hide was taken, the animal’s age, sex, and maturity. Scars and brands are part of the “story” of your piece. The spine line over the hump of the animal is distinctive. Most buffalo hides come from 2-3 year old animals processed for meat, so they are small and average 30 square feet of leather. Thus large modern sectional furniture items cannot be made from single pieces of leather. 


Buffalo leather is a natural material that breathes, a lot like our skin, and absorbs and releases moisture. This gives it excellent temperature adaptation, as it adjusts to our body temperature, making it comfortable during the heat of the Summer and the cool of the Winter.

Buffalo leather products conform to your body but will not stretch out of shape. As man-made materials are wearing out, leather becomes more supple and comfortable throughout the years.


The durability of buffalo leather is legendary. It is one of the strongest upholstery materials known to man; its strength and elasticity give it high resistance to ripping. It is flame resistant and will not readily burn or melt.


Buffalo leather is easy to clean and has a smooth finish and strong fibers that prevent any penetration of dust, lint, or animal hair – an ideal choice for those with allergenic conditions. Cleaning with a soapy cloth directly after a spill is best. We can recommend leather cleaners and conditioners. Buffalo leather responds beautifully to annual conditioning. It develops a rich patina over time that makes it your own “antique”.