Dragon Saddle full hides

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All leather is sold by the side (or full hide for furniture grade leather). Please enter the number of complete sides or hides that you require to fill your order. See details below.

Product Description

These dragon hides have a marvelous texture with heavy pebbles in a flat finish. They are rustic, having been through battles and ofttimes splashed with the remains of their foes.

A majority of dragons are considered to have scales however these hides come from the species NeoBisos Draconem which have a hide that can be tanned...

Okay so they are actually the leather of domestic Bison but having had requests from crofters interested in roll playing I created these. As stated they are rustic to give the appearance of age. Think of the idea of buying new torn jeans. Photos are taken of each side and are available to preview before purchase. Sides are fairly supple with minor stiffness. Compare these to our Aztec line.

Samples are available but are not included on the sample chain. They must be requested specifically.

Average Size of Hide: 30 - 42 sq ft 
Thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 mm 
Weight (per sq ft):  5.0 - 5.5 oz